How To Play Minecraft At School

minecraft at school

So you are bored and want to know how to play minecraft at school? Well this can be a bit of a tricky subject. The fact you can read this post to begin with means that your school might not have the most secure firewall. This is a good thing. There are two approaches to take here and I am going to outline both. If your school is very strict, it might never be possible for you to play Minecraft at school.

Method 1: Minecraft Education Edition

This may be a bit of a long shot, especially if you are looking to play the game during hours when you are meant to be working on something specific from the teacher. A little known fact is that Minecraft has a version that is specifically built for school and education. Talk with your teacher to see if they are interested and know of a way to use this during lessons. You can read more about Minecraft education edition here.

Method 2: Minecraft Unblocked Jar

This is definitely the most easy way to make this work. When you load up a standard Minecraft jar, it will attempt to communicate with the main Minecraft hub so that you can log in. Your school computer knows how to catch this and when it does, it will block it. This means that you can never log in. If you can’t log in, the standard jar will not let you play the game. Fortunately you can download an unblocked jar.

A Minecraft unblocked jar will bypass the login process and let you play the game without needing to communicate with the main servers. Since there is no network traffic, the school network will never know that you are playing the game and will not block you. Even if it does try to block you, this jar doesn’t care and will let you play anyway.

There are lots of versions of Minecraft and since the game is constantly being updated, you will need to wait until someone cracks the latest version to create a new unblocked jar. It is hard to find the most recent versions of the game. This link will let you download version 1.8. Click this and download the jar, it should run for you.

Method 3: Remove record in hosts file

This may be a simple fix, but may also be something you are blocked from doing. Open up a windows folder and go to this folder on the computer “C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc”. Inside this folder you should see a file called “hosts”. Search through this file for any lines that have minecraft. If you see a line that looks something like this “ *”, delete it from the file and save it. Once you have removed all lines from the hosts file, save the file and try to run Minecraft again. The PC will no longer be blocking requests to the Minecraft servers and may let you log into the game without even needing to use an unblocked jar.

Method 4: Install Java

The best way to block Minecraft would be to remove java from the computer. At the moment, the PC version is known as the Java edition. This, as you might have guessed, requires Java to be installed. If the school does not require this to be used, they will not install it on the computer, blocking you from being able to play the game in the first place.

If you install java on the PC, you should be able to run the Minecraft jar without any issues. If the network technicians have not put any additional protection in place, you will be able to run the game without any issues. Click here to download Java. Once it is downloaded, install it on the PC and try to run the jar again.

Closing Notes

Minecraft unblocked at school is going to be a tricky thing to achieve. Schools generally do not want people playing this game, so they will try to do as much as possible to block people from playing the game. You may need to incorporate more than one of these methods into your unblocking strategy.


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