Atheist Refuses to Acknowledge Kratos As The God Of War

Kratos As The God Of War

After starting in a franchise of hit video games, Kratos has rightfully earned his title as the God Of War. After defeating numerous Greek Gods and possessing godlike powers and strength, some are still refusing to acknowledge that Kratos is indeed the God of War. Daryl Roberts, an atheist who works as a news journalist and photographer has launched an attack over Twitter claiming that Kratos is a phony and a fraud. Kratos who is currently seeking counseling due to daddy issues has yet to comment on the matter, so we got in touch with Daryl to get the inside scoop.

“I’ve seen Kratos in action may times over the past few years and I will admit he is an impressive man,but nothing more. People always bring up the battle on Mount Olympus to try and prove he is a god. All i have to say is, if they were able to fake the moon landing in the 1960s, they can definitely fake a battle on Mount Olympus. I may not have physical proof to discredit his achievements, but just look at Kratos in 2005 Vs Kratos in 2013, it’s like looking at two different people”.

I have spoken to a good friend of mine who works as a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and he says that this is a closed bookcase of plastic surgery. ‘Gods’ are meant to be immortal, yet Kratos Kardashian seems to need cosmetic surgery to enhance his image. What’s next, Keeping up with the Olympians!? A sex tape!? Where does it all end!? I’ve seen enough to know that he is no God.”

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