Big Games That Were Missing From E3 2014

big games that were missing from e3

Like with every E3 event there are leaks before the event takes place. This gives us a good idea of what to expect from the show in terms of what games we will see and what announcements we might hear but there are always some surprises that don’t leak before the event goes live. It’s great when we wont even know a game is in development when suddenly a trailer comes up to let us know a bit about the game. With the build up to E3 regardless on whether there are leaks or not we expect to see certain games announced which is why it is surprising when they don’t get revealed. E3 2014 was no exception to this. Often this is due to the game simply not being in development or not being ready but other times it’s hard to know why they didn’t reveal anything. Here are the top games that didn’t make an appearance this year.

Fallout 4

We know almost nothing about this game but it’s a safe assumption to say that the game is currently being worked on in some form. This is a game that I am most hyped to hear information about since I love the Fallout series! Bethesda don’t have their own press conference but I was really expecting to see a CGI trailer during Sony or Microsoft’s press conference that would confirm or debunk some rumors currently going around about the game. Looks like we will be waiting a little longer before we get to sink our teeth into some Fallout 4 information.

The Last Guardian

Almost everyone (including IGN) assumed that this game was canned years ago and was no longer in development, until IGN reported it and Sony came back to deny the rumor and confirmed they are still working on the game. This gave a lot of hope that there might actually be a reveal at this years E3. It seemed perfect timing that there would be a rumor bringing up a game that no one expects to hear about then having the publisher deny the rumor. This almost seemed like a confirmation that we would see something this year but sadly we didn’t. Maybe next year!

God of War 4

We know there is a God of War game in the works which is most likely coming out for PS4. Considering God of War is one of Sony’s biggest exclusive titles it’s surprising they didn’t get something together to get our attention and build some excitement. They have already shown us a CGI trailer that didn’t really give us much information so it’s odd that they didn’t give us another trailer even if it is CGI that gives us a little more information about the games setting and story.

Gears of War

When the first Gears of War was released it made the Xbox 360 the console to own for years afterwards. It’s probably Microsoft’s biggest franchise after Halo which makes it a surprise that they didn’t reveal anything. Most of us were kept happy with the fact that Microsoft announced a lot of new Halo material so it helped a lot of us forget about it.

Super Mario Title

There were rumors that we might get a HD remake of Super Mario Sunshine for the Wii U which isn’t too crazy considering The Wind Waker was remade for the Wii U already. Even if there isn’t a HD remake in the works its quite surprising that there wasn’t a new Super Mario title at E3. I’m sure there is something in the works but the fact we didn’t get to see anything is quite surprising. Nintendo delivered enough new content to keep us happy but Mario is their biggest franchise, I would have expected to see something to do with a new Mario title.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil is a big one and I was expecting to see a trailer for this game. Resident Evil 6 might not have been a big hitter but the franchise definitely isn’t dead and we are surely getting a 7th game soon enough.


Wolfenstein contained beta codes for Doom yet we havn’t really seen much of the game. We know for sure that it’s in development but they are keeping it hidden from us for now. Quake con next month will likely hold some footage for this game.

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