5 Ways Microsofts Hololens Could Be Used At Home

Microsoft’s Hololens has a lot of hype behind it. The brief Minecraft clips have everyone excited about how we can use this for gaming, but what about other cool uses for the Hololens outside of videogames? Here are someways the Hololens could be used at home.


Running on a treadmill or cycling on an exercise bike in the gym doesn’t provide the same atmosphere as you would get doing the same activity outdoors. With the Hololens you could hop on your treadmill and start jogging through a desert or a jungle road. This provides lots of nice scenery and since you are already running it shouldn’t cause any disorientation.

Reading Books

If pages in a book had some sort of trigger for the Hololens it would open books to a whole new level of awesome. This may not apply very well to story books, but this would definitely work well for science or any educational books. Open a page about how the human heart works and then in the middle of the room there is a heart there for you to inspect in person. Not only would this kick ass, but it would result in some incredible enhancements to how people learn.

While this idea has the best of intentions and would likely be used to enhance learning and enjoyment of books, it wouldn’t take long until this was expanded to playboy magazines.

Keeping Children Out of Certain Places

Don’t want kids going into the tool shed? Pop on the headset and show the kid the monster that lives in there! It might be cruel, but it would work.

Buying New Furniture

Is your other half giving out about having no room for a new 70″ TV? Well now you can go around the house and see the best place for it to fit! Same goes for any kind of furniture. You can get an idea of a layout without having to do any hard work.

Virtual Pets

This would be one of the coolest things in my opinion. If you live in an apartment where you cannot have pets and Nintendogs isn’t quite cutting it for you then you can get a Holo pet! You can get any kind of pet you like and never have to deal with the crap. It will never be as good as owning a real pet, but if the artificial intelligence was smart enough it wouldn’t be too much different. On the less practical side it would be fun to have a friendly pet gorilla for the day.

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