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Death Stranding is the first game from Hideo Kojima’s new studio Kojima productions. Since parting ways with Konami in what appeared to be a bitter riff, we have known he is working on a new project, but it was kept under wraps until launch.

The game launched to mixed reviews. Some people were very fond of the game and how it tried to do something different. The other side of the opinion polls were people who were let down by the cargo delivery tasks and how they were repetitive fetch quests. Death Stranding has become a bit of a Marmite video game, you either love it or you hate it.

Since launch, many players have been progressing through the complex and highly intricate story. For those looking for the short and sweet, the game is based around an event known as the Death Stranding. This is an end of world event that is threatening to wipe out all life on the planet. Rainfall that makes people age, and lots of creepy ghosts floating around.

For those wanting to find out more, like what the point is of that baby in the pickle jar or for those wanting to check out some guides, the links below should provide you with some reading material to get you up to speed.

Death Stranding Review

"Death Stranding is a game with a fantastic and uniquely interesting story. Backed with a strong cast of experienced actors, the game manages to tell the story flawlessly. The gameplay doesn’t live up to the same level of perfection. The delivery aspects are fun and it tells a story in its own way. It just gets quite repetitive over time and leaves you wanting a bit more diversity to the delivery missions. Overall, Death Stranding should be seen as a very successful first project for Kojima productions and is hopefully a sign of many more to come."
Score: 8
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Rather than having to sneak around BTs is it possible to kill them instead? What is the best way to take out a BT before they kill you?

I have constructed a floating carrier in Death Stranding and I can see it in my inventory but I cant figure out how to equip it so that I can load cargo onto it.

The cost of building the roads in Death Stranding is quite expensive. Having a highway is useful but is it worth the trouble of having to search for the resources. Does it cost more time than it saves?

What controls do you use to throw items into the water in Death Stranding? Is there a way to toss cargo rather than drop it

How do you make Lockne change her mind at mountain knot city?

How long do I have to dispose of a dead body in Death Stranding before it goes necro? Is there a way to see how much time you have left before it is too late?

Death Stranding Game Guides

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What Happens When Bodies Go Necro

When you kill someone in death stranding you need to dispose of them quickly. But what happens if you do not, what happens when bodies go necro
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What are you meant to do with dead bodies?

What are you meant to do with dead bodies in Death Stranding. Dead enemies need to be dealt with. Here is how to solve the problem.
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Crossing the Tar Belt to Edge Knot City

How are you meant to get across the tar belt to reach edge knot city. No vehicles work and I cant seem to swim over. Die hardman suggests building something
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What to do with the Small Thermonuclear Weapon for Fragile?

You need to deliver a small thermonuclear weapon to south knot city but it detonates when you enter. What are you meant to do with the bomb?
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Changing Locknes Mind At Mountain Knot

At mountian knot city, Lockne will not want to join up. You will be tasked in changing locknes mind in order to connect this knot to the chiral network

Death Stranding Tagged Posts

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How Much Walking Is There In Death Stranding?

Death Stranding is more than just a walking simulator, but how much more. Is there a lot of walking in this game? How far do you need to travel on foot?
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The Monster Cans In Death Stranding Are Ridiculous

Product placement in gaming is common but the use of monster cans in Death Stranding was a joke and feels completely out of place
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How Confusing Is The Death Stranding Story?

Kojima is known for writing complex stories. How difficult is it to understand the story in Death Stranding? Is it confusing or easy to get through
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Whats the Story Behind the Baby in Death Stranding

What is the story with the baby in the jar in Death Stranding. There are lots of pictures and videos of this baby. What does it do?
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New Modern Warfare and Death Stranding..Whatever it was

A new and fairly lengthy trailer for Death Stranding has dropped and it shows us a shit load more about the game…not that it has helped me figure out what the hell is going on yet. I’m sure in traditional...