Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Falls Short Of The Collection We Need

The legendary Metal Gear Solid franchise has been a staple in the gaming world for years, and Konami is looking to capitalize on that legacy with the upcoming release of the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1. Fans have long awaited a comprehensive collection that includes the iconic first three games in the series, and it seemed like their wishes were finally coming true. However, the excitement may be short-lived, as it turns out this collection may not be the HD remaster fans were hoping for.

Previously, Konami released a Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the PS3, which included Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, but left out the groundbreaking first game. Fans were understandably disappointed, so the inclusion of Metal Gear Solid 1 in the Master Collection Volume 1 was a cause for celebration. However, it seems that this excitement may have been premature.

Upon further inspection, it appears that the version of Metal Gear Solid 1 included in the Master Collection is not an HD remake, but rather the original PS1 game with its original visuals, albeit with some minor modifications. This revelation has left fans feeling let down, as they were hoping for a fully remastered experience that would bring the classic game into the modern era.

While the nostalgic charm of the original Metal Gear Solid may still be appealing to some fans, it’s hard not to feel that Konami has missed an opportunity here. A full HD remaster of the first game in the series would have been an excellent addition to the Master Collection, and a fitting tribute to the game that started it all.

When you consider the other two titles in this collection are just ports of the older HD remakes from the PS3/Xbox360, it has us wondering whether this is really that big of a release. It feels like this release is just a quick port to accompany Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater which is the makeover the original game needs and is unfortunately. Delta is, unfortunately, not part of the master collection either.

The Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 may still be a worthwhile purchase for die-hard fans of the series, but those looking for a fully remastered experience may be left wanting more. It remains to be seen if Konami will address these concerns in future releases or if the Master Collection will continue to be a nostalgic trip rather than a modern reimagining.

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