Where to Find Lobsters In Forbidden West

Lobsters are very distinct and unique looking animals. This is no different in Forbidden West. Lobsters stand out when you are on a beach but due to their unique ability to burrow into the sand, they can often prove to be a bit tricky to capture. You will need to have your aiming skills sharp if you want to quickly kill a few of these.

Lobsters can be found crawling around the sand on any of the beaches along the west coast of the game. They are incredibly common and sometimes by simply turning around in a circle, you can find they spawn again. It makes hunting them incredibly easy. You will never need to look far for them. Just scan over the sand and you will see them crawling around.

tropical coastline

Hunting lobsters is very easy. They appear very frequently and due to their unique shape and color, they are very easy to spot when they are crawling along the sandy beach. When they are spooked, either by you getting too close or by shooting an arrow near them, they will burrow into the sand and you will no longer be able to kill them. This means that you will always need to make sure that your shots are accurate.

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How To Get Iridescent Lobster Shells

Although the average lobster in the game is a darker red color, it is still possible to obtain Iridescent lobster shells by killing any of the lobsters in the game. In saying that, you will generally be shooting them from a distance, so it is hard to tell if there are any obvious differences in their color. It’s best to just shoot every lobster in sight and you will eventually find that you start gathering a few Iridescent Lobster Shells.

Iridescent Lobster Shell

What Is An Iridescent Lobster Shell Used For?

Iridescent lobster shells are used as crafting components for items and upgrades at workbenches in Horizon Forbidden West. You will need to obtain a couple of these if you want to be able to craft all of the inventory pouch upgrades.

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