What Do You Get For Collecting All Relics

collecting all relics forbidden west

Once you reach the ruins of Las Vegas in Horizon: Forbidden West, you will establish a small settlement and finally get to see what those relic items are all about. You have likely obtained one or two of the items from the Relic Ruin quests by now and are wondering what the colourful lights that they emit are all about. Well, they make for a rather nice light display in the desert.

Completing the puzzles to obtain all of the relics is quite challenging as some of the ruins are very tricky. You may have one or two left and are trying to decide whether it is worth collecting all of the relics or not. Well, it all depends on how much you value the reward. Here is what you will end up getting for your efforts.

what do relics do?

Reward For Collecting All Relics

You may have noticed in the past that there is a Superior Supply Cache on the upper floor of the settlement that is locked. This is where your prize lives. Once you have obtained all of the relics, you will unlock this chest and get the prize inside.

superior supply cache
The chest on the upper level of {TOWN] is locked until you have obtained all of the relics.

What does The Superior Supply Chest in Hidden Ember Contain?

Now that you know how to unlock the superior supply chest, the next question is what is inside? Well, there are a few resources and basic items. The biggest win is a legendary shredder gauntlet that can deal out quite a bit of damage.

reward for collecting all relic ruins
The item you obtain is called the Ancestors Return. A Legendary shredder gauntlet that can dish out a nice amount of damage.
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