Where to Find Wild Boars In Forbidden West

boars in forbidden west

Wild Boars, the beast that killed king Robert. These animals are quite common in the early areas of the game. They are not aggressive, despite them having a history of attacking humans in real life. Boars will be one of the first animals you come across. Due to them being the largest animal in the starting area of the game, you are sure to spot them easy enough.

Wild Boars can be found across a large area of the game. You will frequently find them around the starting area of the game. The town of Chainscrape will be your source of lots of wild boars.

where to find boars in forbidden west

Wild Boars are one of the easiest animals to kill in the game. They are large and fat, don’t run too fast and they tend not to escape into the long grass, almost guaranteeing you will be able to kill every one of them that you find.

what wild boars look like

How To Get Boar Bones

Boar bones are the rare drop that you get from killing Wild Boars. The drop rate is not really that rare, however, just relative to the other drops. If you kill a dozen or so, you are sure to pick up 2 or 3 bones that should cover most of your crafting needs.

boar bones

What Are Boar Bones Used for?

Boar bones are a crafting component that can be used for creating items and upgrades at a workbench. You are likely to find a need for them in the crafting of important pouch upgrades to increase carry capacity.

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