How To Easily Get EXO Chips

EXO Chips

EXO Chips are essential resources used in the Jet Powered Update to Astroneer. They are used in various crafting recipes, including the powerful Hydrazine Jet Pack. This guide will provide a step-by-step approach to obtaining EXO Chips effectively in Astroneer.

Step 1: Understand EXO Chip Locations

EXO Chips cannot be obtained through normal resource-gathering methods. Instead, they are found in ship wreckage and debris sites scattered around all the planets.

Step 2: Equip the Necessary Tools

Before you start to explore, make sure you are well-equipped. Have on hand:

  • Portable Oxygenator: To ensure you don’t run out of oxygen while exploring.
  • Drill Mod: At times, the EXO Chips may be buried beneath the wreckage or debris which will need digging.
  • Worklight: Illuminate the dark areas, especially when exploring wrecks in caves.
  • Jetpack or Rover: For fast and efficient exploration.

Step 3: Explore the Planet

Start your exploration of shipwrecks and debris. Search around crash sites, dig through piles of rubble, and keep a keen eye out for the distinctive, shiny green EXO Chips.

Step 4: Collect EXO Chips

Once you find an EXO Chip, pick it up and put it into your backpack. Remember, EXO Chips are non-renewable resources. Once collected from a crash site, they do not regenerate.

Step 5: Use EXO Chips

Once collected, EXO Chips can be used to craft various high-end items, most notably the Hydrazine Jet Pack. You can also trade them at the Trade Platform for other resources, if necessary.

Finding EXO Chips involves a lot of exploration and a bit of luck, but the benefits of acquiring and using them are tremendous and well worth the effort. Happy exploring!

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