Super Fast Weapon Reload Glitch

weapon reload glitch

Here is an awesome reload glitch for Fallout 76 that will allow you to massively increase the reload speed of any weapon. There is almost no work involved here and it is impossible to get in any trouble from it. The glitch is going to be locked for some people as you will need to have “Trail Firework Mines”. 

Check out the video below for instructions but this is super easy. The following steps are all you need to follow. You will need to repeat these steps every time you log back into a server. 

  • Have “Trail Fireworks Mine” in your inventory.
  • Equip a weapon and reload it. 
  • Equip the fireworks mine. 
  • Reload your weapon again and see how much faster it works. 

This is it, you now have a weapon that will reload almost instantly. It works with the slowest loading weapons in the game too. No more will you have to get your ass kicked by a fast-moving enemy while you struggle to get that weapon reloaded while also needing to use a stimpack. 

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