Chapter 11 - The Way of The Brotherhood

Guide By Optimusmart

These NEXT 4 Quests need doing as quickly as possible, so no Looting! If your quick and ignore everything EXCEPT the objectives, you can potentially complete these NEXT 4 Quests in 45mins. The reason you want to do them as quick as possible is because after these 4 Quests, you will be reloading the HARDSAVE you just made, so any progress you make here will be lost, these next 4 Quests are only for Trophies!!

Old North Church

1. Enter the CHURCH and eliminate all the RR Members making your way to the HQ entrance in the tunnels.

2. Activate the DETONATOR on the wall near the secret entrance, enter through here killing any Members and then into the HQ killing any remaining Members including P.A.M.

3. Warp to THE PRYDWEN once completed and you’re prompted to.

The Prydwen

1. Talk to Captain Kells ATM SBCs.

  • Quest Completed: TACTICAL THINKING
  • Quest Begins: SPOILS OF WAR

2. Talk to Proctor Ingram SBCs and then exit and board the Vertibird which will take you to the roof of the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE SUITE.

Mass Fusion Executive Suite

1. Once you eventually reach the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE SUITE, eliminate the Enemies and exit the Vertibird onto the roof when possible.

2. Make your way inside and head up the stairs to the QM. As you follow the broken floor around to the QM room, you will come to a ‘Mass Fusion’ Wall Poster with a Desk beneath it just before the door that leads to the QM.

3. Grab the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE LAB PASSWORD and the MASS FUSION EXECUTIVE ID from on this Desk and then operate the TERMINAL ATM. Select the top choice > Personal Intramail 07-30-77 on the TERMINAL.

4. Now enter the Central Elevator and operate it using the CARD READER.

5. As the Elevator descends, kill any Enemies on your way down.

6. Once the Elevator stops, exit and turn Left (N), then enter the Door in front. Grab the MASS FUSION LABS KEY from the Desk inside, then exit the room and UNLOCK and enter the next door on your Left using the KEY.

7. Fall down the hole inside and make your way to the bottom, jumping over the railings to the ledges below to get down quicker (you remember this area, we grabbed the STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD from here earlier). Once at the bottom, enter the lift ATM.

8. Once you exit the Lift, take the right route down the stairs. Then take a Left into the Locker area and grab a HAZMAT SUIT from one of the Lockers in here.

9. Now make your way to the QM and once in the Main Control Area, enter the SE room (Decompression Room), then press the BUTTON in here and Equip your HAZMAT SUIT straight after (do not un-equip this until I say).

10. Once the door has opened, make your way to the QM and press the Marked BUTTON, then take the BERYLLIUM AGITATOR.

11. Now make your way back to the Decompression Room and press the BUTTON again. Once you have pressed the BUTTON, Un-equip the HAZMAT SUIT and Re-equip all your ARMOUR.

12. Now make your way back to the Lift eliminating all the Enemies as you go (which you will need to anyway in order to progress).

13. Once you’ve entered/used the Lift, make your way outside through the exit ATM.

14. Once outside, warp to BOSTON AIRPORT.

Boston Airport

1. Talk to Proctor Ingram SBCs.

  • Quest Completed: SPOILS OF WAR
  • Quest Begins: AD VICTORIAN

2. After talking to Proctor Ingram, climb to the top of Liberty Prime and plug in the BERYLLIUM AGITATOR ATM, then press the POWER TRANSFER SWITCH.

3. Once Liberty Prime is on the move, warp to C.I.T RUINS.

C.I.T Ruins

1. After a moment, Liberty Prime will arrive. Stay here defeating any Enemies.

2. Eventually, Liberty prime will make a Large Hole in the ground, enter this into THE INSTITUTE.

  • Quest Completed: AD VICTORIAN
  • Quest Begins:NUCLEAR OPTION


You should be very close to LVL 50 if not already.

The Institute

1. Talk to Elder Maxson inside ATM SBCs.

2. Once finished talking, keep heading towards each QM ignoring all Enemies (just sprint past them all).

3. Once in THE INSTITUTE Main Hub Area, you will Have to Kill all the Enemies here in order to trigger the next part of the Quest.

4. Once done and the current part has progressed, enter the Central Elevator and follow the route to Fathers TERMINAL, HACK it and select > Master Security Lockdown Override.

5. Now head to the next QM at the Institute Reactor ignoring all Enemies again.

6. Once at the Reactor, open the Door and quickly run in, plant the CHARGE and then back out to prevent any significant damage. Shortly after doing this, you will be teleported out.

7. Talk to Elder Maxson and then to Shaun SBCs.

8. Afterwards, talk to Proctor Ingram SBCs and then step into the RELAY when prompted to be Teleported out of THE INSTITUTE.

9. Outside, activate the DETONATOR and watch the tiny explosion ;).

10. Skip the cutscene or watch if you wish and then talk to Elder Maxson SBCs.

  • Quest Completed: NUCLEAR OPTION



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