Shores of Nine Mountain Path Nornir Chest Guide

Shores of Nine Mountain Path Nornir Chest

‪I am not quite sure if this specific Nornir chest has a named location. This one can be found when taking the mountain path from the Shores of Nine. As you climb the snowy path, you will come across this Nornir chest with a nearby brazier to get you started with.

The other two braziers will require you to climb a little further up the mountain. One is found in the next “upper” platform after doing some climbing. You will climb up on the right side of the path and if you walk around to the left side of the path you will spot the brazier sitting on a rock a little further out over the edge.

The final brazier can be found if you hop down from where you just found the other brazier. Is will be on the rocks to the left. Once you light this, the chest will unlock.

If any of this is unclear, check out the video guide below.

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