What To Do With Crystalline Shards & Fragments

Crystalline Shards

One thing you will notice when you are breaking the yellow crystals in Vanaheim is that the Crystalline shards they drop are important somehow. The purple marker is one thing but also that Mimir mentions them every single time, suggesting that they are important and hinting that you find out what to do with them. So what do you do with the Crystalline Shards and Crystalline Fragments in God of War Ragnarok?

The journey to make use of these requires quite a long walk, with a pretty cool boss fight along the way but is worth it. Crystalline shards are of no use in their current form and when you pick up a Crystalline Fragment, you will see a message letting you know they need to be purified.

what to do with crystalline fragment
A larger piece of the crystals found in the Vanaheim valley crater. Of no value in its current state. If it can be purified, it may be useful.

So how do you purify these Crystalline shards and fragments? You will need to make your way to the wishing well in Vanaheim.

How To Reach The Wishing Well In Vanaheim

The wishing well is a secret location in God of War Ragnarok that is a hidden gem of nature hidden within the depths of the mountain. To get here, you are going to have take a very long road around the Sinkholes area of the map.

how to purify crystalline
You will need to start out near the frozen lightening bold in Vanaheim. There is a gateway portal here to make it very easy. Follow the path down to the sinkholes and you will get to the wishing well

It is quite a long journey down this path but it is hard to stray too far from the path and you will end up in the well after completing various puzzles and battles. If you need more precise direction, check out the video guide below that will show you where to go to use the crystalline fragments.

How To Purify Crystalline

You will have likely collected multiple pieces of Crystalline by now, be it shards or larger fragments. In order to use them, you are going to need to purify them at the wishing well that you have found above. This purification happens automatically and they will all be added to your inventory when you stand on the main platform in front of the well.

purified crystalline
Once you stand on the main platform in front of the water, you will be able to convert crystalline shards and fragments into purified crystalline

What Is Crystalline Used For?

Crystalline is used as a crafting component but it can only be used in its purified form. Once you have all of this purified crystalline, you will be able to craft with it. The first time you visit the wishing well, you will unlock several crafting recipes that you can spend your crystalline at the blacksmith in order to craft this unique armour set.

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