How To Damage Heimdall

how to damage heimdall

You will encounter Heimdall twice during God of War Ragnarock. The first time, while playing as Atreus the battle with Heimdall is one that will work itself out but you may find yourself asking how do you actually hit him. He keeps dodging every one of your attacks, no matter what you throw at him.

This guide will cover how to damage him and how to win the boss battles when you end up facing Heimdall in God of War Ragnarock when playing as Kratos and briefly as Atreus.

Fighting Heimdall As Atreus

You will come across Heimdall first when you are visiting Asgard for the first time while playing as Atreus. You will need to kill a few soldiers before facing Heimdall. This battle cant be lost. Keep throwing what you can at him and after you have missed enough attacks, the battle will end and you can move on. The real battle comes later.

How To Damage Heimdall As Kratos

Further on in the game, you will come across Heimdall when playing as Kratos, this is the big battle. You will have a lot of equipment at your disposal and after attempting to hit Heimdall with all that you have, you will find that he still seems to dodge all of your attacks, even those using the spear, the weapon that was designed to kill him. How are you supposed to damage him?

You will need to throw the spear at him, you will find that he catches the spear in his hand, not taking any damage from this. The significant part of this is that he keeps the spear in his hand after he catches it. If you press triangle after he catches it, the spear will detonate in his hand, disorientating him. Do this a couple of times and it will be enough to throw Heimdall off and you will be able to start damaging him using regular attacks. You will still need to damage him with the spear now and then when he regains his composure.

how to damage heimdall
When heimdall catches the spear you throw at him, detonate it and it will allow you to damage him
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