How do you destroy the yellow cracks on walls?


There are lots of areas that seem to be blocked off by stone walls that have a sort of yellow/orange crack pattern on them. There seems to be a glow coming out and it appears to be come kind of weakness in the wall that i can destroy. I have tried using all of my weapons on it to destroy the wall and get past but nothing seems to work. How are you supposed to destroy this?

glowing orange cracks

How do you destroy the yellow cracks on walls
God of War: Ragnarok

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

It will take a while before you unlock the ability to destroy these. You will get the item as part of the main story, so you will know when you get there. It is best to just wait rather than have it spoiled but if you must know now, read on. 

You will eventually unlock a spear weapon. You can throw this spear and detonate it remotely. You will be able to throw the spear into the yellow cracks on the stone and when you detonate it, it will blow up the stone and allow you through

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