Glowing Blue Rabbit In Tears of The Kingdom Explained

The Glowing Blue Bunny In Tears Of The Fallen Kingdom Explained

If this is the first Zelda game you have played in a while, this may be your first time coming across the glowing blue bunny that has a serious magical vibe. When you get close, it will run away at a serious speed, preventing you from catching it. After a second or so of running, you will notice the bunny vanishes. Here’s the story behind these bunnies and what they do.

The glowing blue rabbit in The Legend of Zelda is called a Blupee but I prefer to call them “Money Bunnies” because that is what these guys are all about. If you are able to sneak up on one of these guys and shoot them with an arrow, you will see that they drop a bunch of Rupees. Hence the name Money Bunny!


Blupees can be found in several different locations around Hyrule. They are very easy to spot, especially at night time due to the bright blue glow. They can be found on the road to the Gerudo Valley as well as in the jungles of the snowy mountains. You will just need to keep an eye out.

How To Easily Get Rupees From Blupees

So you likely know how quickly these guys move around. You may be able to land a single arrow when you catch one unaware but you will need to be a serious sharpshooter to be able to hit these guys considering how quickly they run. Surely there is a trick to this! Well, the good news is that there is a really easy way to get Rupees out of these guys.

As you can see from the video above, the Blupee will stop dropping rupees after you have hit it three times. So you do not need to worry about building any elaborate plans to take these guys down. All you need to do is glide in from a height. If you use your bow while you are in the air, it will slow down time considerably, allowing you to very easily hit the bunny with three arrows to get as many rupees as possible out of the target.

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