How To Recover Lost Items When You Die

Recover Lost Items When You Die

One of the more unique elements of the open-world transition for Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the fact you can now die. Wild Pokemon can attack you or you can just fall off a high ledge and end up dead. If this happens, you will wake up back at camp but will have lost some of the items in your satchel. How do you recover this stuff?

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be like Minecraft where you can just return to where you died and pick up the bits that you lost. If you return to the location, nothing will be there. The game doesn’t tell you much about what to do here other than the fact that the stuff is gone. If you dig around the menus, you might end up finding your answer.

Getting Dropped Items When You Die

If you have a look in the Lost & Found menu, you will be able to see all of the satchels that you have dropped. It will also show you where you lost this stuff. The big question is, the game has recorded that you lost this stuff, how do you get it back?

dropped items
The Lost & Found menu will allow you to see all of the items that you have lost

If you look at the other tab in this menu, you will see “Others’ lost satchels“. This will allow you to see satchels that other players have lost. You may have actually spotted these on the map. When you find them, they get sent back to the player. You might see where this one is going.

To get back your lost satchel and items, you must be playing online and hope that another player picks the item up to return it to you. You should keep an eye on the map for icons of satchels. This will help other players and hopefully, if everyone takes part, you will get back your lost items soon.

lost satchel
You can see from the map that there is a satchel icon. If you go here and pick it up, it will return it to the player that has died (assuming it is a real player).
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