Should I Pick Adaman or Irida?

Adaman or Irida

Toward the end of your adventure in Pokemon Legends: Arceus you will be asked to decide whether you want to have Adaman from the Galaxy clan accompany you to find the remaining slates or whether you want Irida from the Pearl clan. Which person should you pick?

Decisions like this are always difficult as you need to make a decision without knowing how it will impact you further down the road. Ultimately, the decision does not appear to have a significant impact as you can get both rewards later on in the game, the decision only determines which one comes first.

SPOILER WARNING!! – A major part of the end game will be spoiled here. The short, spoiler-free answer here is that you can get the Pokemon that comes with Adaman and Irida later on in the game, so it doesn’t matter to much who you pick. Read on to find out what the reward is.

The semi spoiler answer is that the decision will determine which legendary Pokemon you get to catch first. There are two legendary Pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl world. Palkia and Dialga. You will get to capture both of these Pokemon so that is why the decision does not matter too much. The decision just determines which you get first.

What Do You Get For Picking Adaman?

Adaman is part of the Diamond clan. If you have played Pokemon Pearl & Diamond, you may have an idea what the perk may be here. When you make your way to the temple at the end of the game, the first Pokemon that will emerge from the portal is Dialga. You will get to capture it and the story will go on from here.

siding with adaman

What Do You Get For Picking Irida?

The same flow applies here as it did with Adaman. If you pick Irida first, you will end up facing Palkia and later on you will have to battle Dialga.

siding with Irida

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