Ancient City of Gordonia Quest Walkthrough

Ancient City of Gordonia

This page contains a guide to the Ancient City of Gordonia side quest in Tears of the Kingdom. This quest is assigned by a character named Dugby, who is a young Goron that you will find just outside of Goron City. Even though Dugby is aware that his destination lies down the tracks, he’s not sure of the exact location. With your help, he aims to uncover the ancient city.

The following steps will cover everything that you need to do to complete this quest.

Ancient City of Gordonia

  1. Getting Started: Begin your quest by engaging in a conversation with Dugby in Goron City. He will provide you with the necessary details about the “Ancient City of Gordonia” quest. Your mission is to help him find this forgotten city.
  2. Prepping the Cart: Notice the cart near Dugby’s location. You need to shift this cart onto the adjacent tracks. This will be Dugby’s mode of transportation in the quest.
  3. Installing the Fan: The fan, found nearby, will serve as the cart’s propulsion system. Approach the fan and attach it to the cart, preparing it for the journey ahead.
  4. Boarding Dugby: Once the cart is ready, speak to Dugby again, telling him to “get in” the cart. He will oblige and take his place inside the makeshift vehicle.
  5. Launching the Cart: With Dugby safely aboard, strike the cart to activate the attached fan. This will trigger the fan, pushing the cart along the tracks towards Yonobo HQ.
  6. Following the Cart: Dugby will now embark on his journey. Don’t lose sight of him; follow the cart along the tracks until it comes to a halt. You should be able to spot where he has gone from the cliff edge above but you can also follow the rails to get to the same location. Alternatively, you could just sit in the card with him and ride down the tracks.
  7. Final Conversation: Approach Dugby at the cart’s stopping point near the Yonobo HQ. Initiate a conversation with him to learn about his impressions of the journey and the destination.
    final chat after finding the city
  8. Quest Completion: Dugby will express his satisfaction at having reached near the “Ancient City of Gordonia”. This marks the successful completion of your quest. Congratulations!


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