Do You Have To Trade Pokemon For Third Evolution?

In previous Pokemon games, many pokemon like Graveler needed to be traded with a friend before they would evolve to their third evolution form. Does this still need to be done with Pokémon Legends: Arceus or can you level them up and get them to their third form just from regular battles with wild Pokemon and other trainers?

A lot of things have changed in this game and one of the more positive things is the fact that we no longer have two versions of the game and need to go about finding people to trade Pokemon With.

Trading is not required to obtain final evolutions for some Pokemon but it doesn’t mean that you can evolve them naturally through gaining XP in battle. Some Pokemon, like Golem and Machamp, which are typically Pokemon that require you to trade to level up, can be found in the wild in their Alpha Form.

Getting Pokemon To Third Evolution

To put this to the test, I spent a large portion of the game with a Graveler in my party. Not really a huge sacrifice since they are good Pokemon. My starter Pokemon hit its third evolution around level 30-40, I don’t quite remember, you think I would have taken notes! but the point is, it evolved around that point.

My Graveler was level 65 by the time I decided to call it a day on waiting for it to evolve naturally. Perhaps someone more persistent than myself can confirm or deny whether getting them to something even higher would trigger an evolution but I suspect not.

third pokemon evolution
Machamp is another pokemon that has traditionally been locked out of a third evolution unless you trade. Here is an Alpha Machamp out in the wild that you can capture

Wild Alpha Pokemon seem to be the compromise for trading. It allows you to get these third evolutions without the gaming handing them to you easily. The same is true for Golem as I came across one of these in the mountains. I was able to capture it and it was a level 60. Five levels lower than the graveler that was in my party at the time, hence why I decided to stop grinding.


  1. You evolve them with the link cable item.

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