Where to Find Young One - Hunter or Hunted Quest

Where to Find Young One

During the Hunder or Hunted side quest, you will have to travel across the desert to an old abandoned hunter camp to find the creatively named character “young one”. The quest marker gives you a broad area around the camp to find where this character might be but after quite a lot of searching, it is clear there is something going on with this quest.

The quest marker is misleading. The character is not even within the circle. If you look at the map near the camp, you will see an area nearby that looks like a round space. If you go to the bottom level of the hunter village, you will clearly see this area. If you walk toward it, the character will give you a prompt that something might be nearby.

If you look on the ground, you will see something that somewhat resembles footsteps. It is meant to be footsteps but it doesn’t look great. You need to follow the trail of footsteps leading away from the camp to the centre of the area. When you get toward the middle, you will start to find some blood stains and the quest area will correctly update then to guide you toward the body of Young One.

Before you make your way to Young One, make sure you are ready for a particularly tough boss fight. Complete the boss battle and you will be able to continue on with the quest.

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