Bothersome Bidoof Guide - Request 8

bothersome bidoof

Bothersome Bidoof is a side quest in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that tasks you with gathering three Bidoof that is causing trouble to the villagers. You will need to catch a Bidoof of your own and add it to your party of six Pokemon. Once you have done this, you will be able to start tracking down the three Bidoof that are hiding in Jubilife village.

“Three trouble-making Bidoof have invaded the village! Tsumugi from the Security Corps needs your help to catch them all”

Where To Find The Three Bidoof

There are three locations where you will find a the Bidoof that are causing problems in the village. The images below will show the locations on the map where to find each of the three hidden Bidoof.

You will typically find them sniffing around the sides of buildings or structures. They are forraging animals and sort of behave like Racoons. This will help you locate them.

bidoof 3 location
The first Bidoof can be found around the side of the building next to a stack of chopped wooden logs.
bidoof 2 location
The second bidoof can be found near the pasture where you store Pokemon. In the back corner of the map, you will find the Bidoof near the fence.
bidoof 1 location
The last Bidoof can be found around the back of the house, tucked away within all of the items around the area.
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