How To Increase Light Level Quickly

Light level was once considered an end game system, back in the day when Destiny required you to get to level 30 before light level was even something you had to contend with. Fast forward to today and light level is the only type of level that players have. The game has progressed so much from all of the expansions that players start out at light level 1350.

If you have created a new character and need to quickly get from light level 1350 up to 1550+ to be able to survive some of the high-end activities, you will need to increase your light level quickly. The guide below will give you lots of useful tips to increase your light level as quickly as possible.

As of the release of Season 18, the power level cap has increased slightly. The light level cap is 1570. It is possible to get up to 1580 with Pinnacle gear and then with the seasonal artefact, you can increase this all the way up to 1600.

Sharing Armor From Another Character

The fastest way to increase light level in Destiny 2 by an absolutely massive amount is to share items from another character. This of course requires you to have another high-level character. If you do not, you can skip this step.

If you have a high-level character, you can grab some items during a strike, even if they are blue and drop them into your vault. Log in as your low-level character and you can take these items from the vault (assuming they aren’t items specific to a hunter, warlock or titan when you are not that type).

Either equip those items to increase light level or use upgrade modules to infuse them into your current items. When it comes to blue items, I would always suggest infusing them for the light level. Light level is not the only measure of a good piece of gear. The stats matter a lot!

Increasing Level With Strike, Gunsmith, Gambit, Crucible Etc.

Each time you complete a bounty for any of the main event types in the game or when you simply complete a match, you will earn some XP that goes toward that event. When you visit the vendor in the tower who is in charge of that particular event, you will be able to see your level of progress.

vendor level progress
From the top of the screen, you can see the current level for the vendor. An engram will be available for each level and on top of this, there are bonus rewards which often contain high light level gear

As you earn more XP for that vendor, you will level up. Each level will give you an engram with the option to unlock some additional high-level engrams for milestone rewards.

Since you will also gain engrams and legendary gear from taking part in lots of these events, it is a no-brainer if you want to increase your light level as quickly as possible.

Make Sure You Are Always Wearing Highest Level Gear

Gear will only drop within a certain range of your current light level. This means you won’t stumble across a 1580 light level piece when you are 1350. This means that you will need to ensure you have high-level gear equipped at all times. Either equip it or dismantle it and infuse it into the good gear that you currently have. Every time you find a new item with a higher light level, you need to get that value applied to your total so you can keep chasing a higher light level.

Complete Activities Marked With a Yellow Circle

If you load up the destination map, you will see various yellow circles, see the image below. This means that there is an activity available that will reward you with a high-tier engram, which in turn almost guarantees an item with a higher light level than you currently have.

star chart gear icons
You can see from the map there are several yellow circles next to planets and events. This signals there is a weekly challenge available

These events will reset every Tuesday. So each week you will be able to obtain more of these items. It is a good idea to exhaust the easier options before going for the pinnacle gear though. While pinnacle will guarantee a higher light level piece, there is no point in wasting this engram when pretty much any other engram you find is likely to give you a higher light level piece.

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