What does "Bring Mods" mean for fireteam listings?


I often look for fireteams for the nightfall and other events that do not have matchmaking. I frequently see things like “bring mods” in the title or some variation mentioning mods. I don’t understand what this means. Surely most people have mods applied to weapons and armor so I am guessing this is not what the title is referring to. Anyone able to enlighten me to what is actually being asked for here?

What does Bring Mods mean for fireteam listings
Destiny 2

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1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

It is in relation to mods that impact barrier, overload and unstoppable champions in events. If you come across an enemy with barrier and nobody on the team has a pierce mod, you will be unable to progress or even if one person has it, they alone may not be able to do all the work. If everyone on the team has mods for these kinds of enemies, they will not cause any issues but it is super important people bring them.

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