How To Get New Stasis Abilities, Grenades and Supers

Stasis was a new subclass introduced as part of the Beyond Light expansion. Stasis and shatter are two things you will frequently see in quest requirements and bounties. You will also notice many weapons that contain the stasis element type.

You are eventually going to hit a point where you have to start making more use of stasis and may find yourself in a position where you are stuck with the default abilities, which are not the best and want to try out some other supers, grenades or abilities relating to this subclass and find that you do not have any.

A quick visit to Ikora Ray in the tower will fall short as she does not allow you to purchase stasis abilities. So what now, how do you get new stasis abilities?

How To Get New Stasis Abilities

You will need to have completed the campaign for Beyond Light in order to unlock the stasis default abilities, which I will assume you already have at this point. If you are looking to purchase new abilities, you will need to put some time and effort into side quests on Europa.

Visit the Exo Stranger on Europa. You can check out the map marker below if you are unsure where to find her.


When you speak to her, you will be able to pick up some quests, each of which will give you some rewards that will allow you to unlock additional abilities and powers relating to the stasis subclass.

None of the quests is all that difficult but you can only have one at a time. The requirement to get the next one requires you to complete the previous one. It might take some time to get through them all but the good news is that the majority of the objectives will require you to just use stasis to get kills and stuff. Simply doing a few strikes, which you would likely be doing anyway, will help you get through all of these quests and unlock all of the abilities for the stasis subclass.

where to get new stasis abilities
The exo stranger on europa will allow you to purchase new abilities and add-ons for the stasis ability
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