Where To Buy Bounties In The Cosmodrome

The cosmodrome, at the time of writing this at least, is where you will start out your adventure in Destiny 2 and for most, it is somewhere you are not going to spend a considerable amount of time outside grinding gun bounties. It is easy to forget the main vendor on this planet, Shaw Han, and where to find him.

If you are looking to buy bounties on the Cosmodrome, you will need to seek out Shaw Han. Here is where to find him.

where to buy bounties in the cosmodrome
Shaw Han can be found right next to the main spawn point for the planet. Simply select the location and jump down to the ledge below and you will be able to purchase bounties right away.

If you are still unsure where to buy bounties in the cosmodrome, check out the video guide below and it will show you where to find shaw han.

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