How To Jolt Enemies With Arc

how to jolt enemies

Jolt is a status effect that comes with the arc subclass in Destiny 2. You will frequently see it as a bounty requirement or more often as a quest objective as part of Season 18, where arc 3.0 was a big addition to the release.

Once you pick up a bounty or quest that requires you to Jolt enemies, you are likely going to wonder how the hell you go about doing this. It makes sense that a jolt might be some kind of electrical zap but how do you do it?

How to Jolt Enemies In Destiny 2

Jolt is something that falls under the arc subclass. So if you are void, solar or stasis, you will need to switch over to the arc subclass in order to make use of the jolting ability.

There are multiple different abilities, supers, and items under the arc subclass that will provide you with the ability to jolt. If you have not spent much time using this subclass, you may need to visit Ikora Ray in the Tower and purchase new abilities and powers for the arc subclass.

how to jolt enemies
The gathering storm super under the Arc subclass offers the ability to jolt enemies

Purchase any of the abilities where you see that the jolt status is going to be applied to enemies when you use this ability/power. Meditate to obtain it and then apply it to your subclass. Now that you have this, you will be able to head out to a planet to kill some easy enemies or jump into a strike to make use of your new build and get a feel for things, you may end up liking it more than your current build.

Can You Jolt Enemies With No Arc Subclass

There may be some weapons that can help out in this regard but the fastest way to get through these objectives, especially if you do not plan to use arc long-term is to purchase the abilities using the step above and head to the cosmodrome. A planet like this has lots of enemies that are easy to kill, allowing you to hit the quota quickly, assuming the objective does not also require you to complete the objective in a strike or some other event.

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