Fastest Way To Level In Destiny 2

Fastest Way To Level In Destiny 2

Level 20 is the max level your character can reach in Destiny 2. There is a trophy/achievement for reaching level 20 which should come naturally as you play, but you may want to speed this up. Getting to level 20 is fairly easy and can be done in a few hours if you know what to do and don’t waste too much time. Before I go into detail, I just want to say that this is a guide to quickly get to level 20. Is it not the best way to play this game and you should only follow this guide if you want to get to level 20 quickly. Here are some steps to take to level up fast.

The short and sweet version of this is to complete the games story as quick as possible. Ignore everything you possibly can outside of completing the quest. Ignore enemies, sidequests and everything, just complete the story. Once you complete the story, complete the mission called “The Traveler Hub” and it will shoot you up to level 20 instantly.

1. Stick to the story missions

There are a lot of side quests in this game and a lot of these are fun, but in the interest of speed, only focus on the story missions and skip everything else that is optional. You need to complete the story as fast as possible so do not waste too much time getting stuck with side quests and other activities that provide minimal return.

2. Play with friends

The game is a lot easier with friends and the amount of XP you earn does not decrease. If you play with a 3 man fireteam, you will get through the game far faster and easier than going it alone.

3. Skip enemies to complete quests quickly.

Most areas in the game have enemies that keep respawning no matter how many times you kill them. When on a quest, they do not respawn, but killing them is often not required and they do not follow you for the entire map. If you can, just run past the enemies. They give you a small amount of XP per kill. It all adds up, but in terms of XP per hour, you get far more from completing quests than you do for killing enemies. Focus on getting the quest completed as fast as possible.

4. Complete patrol missions if you get stuck

These can come with handy rewards and will help you gain some XP if you are stuck in a position where you are unable to progress to the next planet due to your level.

5. Forget about gear and loot

You get some good gear from quests and by the time you reach 20, the hunt for gear changes completely as you now put a huge focus on your power level instead. Always equip the best item you have in your inventory, but don’t go out of your way spending hours to obtain a really good helmet that you will end up throwing away once you start getting legendary gear.

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