How to Trigger Heroic Public Events

Trigger Heroic Public Events

When playing through any public event across the planets in Destiny 2, you will find that they start to get quite easy over time. For those after a bigger challenge and for those wanting to get better loot, you can turn any public event into a heroic public event by completing some undefined tasks. A lot of the time, the requirements to make a public event become a heroic event are unclear and this guide will explain the requirements for the events so you know how to make them become heroic events.

Heroic events are much harder than the standard public events and the reward for completing them will be better loot. Start any public event as normal and follow the instructions below and this should allow you to trigger the heroic event. Failing the event will still give a reward, but you will not get the best loot for it.

Injection Rig Heroic Public Event

Kill a Psion (the slim soldiers in fancy armor) and then destroy a vent that is at the top of the rig. You can destroy them by shooting the vents, but you will need to be clever about it as there will be enemies shooting at you. Can be easy to die in these cases. Kill a second Psion and shoot another vent in the middle of the rig. Finally, kill a third Psion and destroy the final vent that appears at the bottom. This will trigger a boss fight against a guy called Infiltrator Valus. The event will now become a heroic one.

Destroy The Arsenal Walker Heroic Public Event

This is much easier to do with a firesquad as you will be under some pressure to complete this without getting killed. Still, this is doable alone if you think you can manage it. Start by attacking one of the legs of the walker until it falls down. This will cause it to drop 3 arc charges. You will notice that there are 3 dome structures around the area with scorch cannons inside. You will need to use 2 arc charges to unlock 1 single dome. Aim to unlock all 3 and in the process a 3rd walker should appear, making this event become a heroic one.

Glimmer Extraction Heroic Public Event

For glimmer extraction events, you will need to travel to a few different locations and clear out the enemies here. To trigger the heroic event you must look around each location for a device that is extracting glimmer and destroy it. You MUST do this before clearing all of the enemies as the device will vanish once all the enemies are gone. Once you get to the final location, you will find there is an area in the center that you must guard while it transmits glimmer to some location. You need to protect this from a large amount of enemies. You need to stay within the circle and this is typically a place where you have little to no cover, which means you must be quick in taking out the enemies without leaving the circle.

Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event

The requirement for this is simple to explain, but difficult to achieve. While defending the drill, a Cabal Thresher ship will show up nearby and start shooting at you. You need to destroy this ship before it leaves the area. If you are able to destroy it a Centurion boss will spawn triggering the change to a heroic event.

Witches’ Ritual Heroic Public Event

Kill the 2 wizards while standing in the marked circles on the ground. From here you need to stand in one of the circles and destroy the 2 shards that are on top and to the left of the large portal that enemies are coming out of. Then do the same for the shards above and to the right of the portal. This will trigger a Hive Knight to appear and trigger the heroic event.

Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event

Before taking out the large Servitor, kill all of the smaller ones in the area. You must destroy them before they vanish and before you kill the main Servitor. Once you do this the large servitor will become a lot more powerful.

Taken Blight Heroic Public Event

Here will be a large Blight ball that you need to destroy. It is immune to damage so you will need to go to the nearby blight infested area to obtain the “Blight Receding Buff”. Once active this will allow you to deal damage to the blight ball. Work to destroy this blight ball and once it is destroyed, the blightmaker boss will appear as part of the heroic and you need to defeat him.

Spire Integration Heroic Public Event

The main task is to protect the main conduit, but around the area there are 3 pads to stand on and this will allow you to capture them. You must capture the 3 pads around here and it will spawn a Hydra boss that you must defeat.

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