How To Fast Travel Efficiently

Fast travel has always been a part of Fallout games. The long trek across the map can be avoided by simply opening the map, selecting the point you want go to and you will essentially teleport. The feature, while useful, does add some interesting points to debate as to whether it is an enhancement to the game or not. While fast travel is possible in Fallout 76, it comes with a cost.

To fast travel in Fallout 76, you can open the map, select a point you have located before and depending on how far away it is, you will be charged some caps. When you are short on caps, this can be prohibitively expensive. Even when you are at a higher level, the cost of fast travel can get quite expensive if you need to do it frequently. This guide will give you some really handy tips to save caps and fast travel as efficiently as possible in Fallout 76. 

Fast Travel To Your C.A.M.P or Tent First

When you place your C.A.M.P on the map, you will be able to fast travel back to it from any location for free. It does not matter how far away you are, you can fast travel back without any cost. If you are at the northern point of the map and needed to travel to the southern point, fast travelling to your C.A.M.P located in the middle of the map will greatly reduce the travel cost if you can’t make use of any of the other tips in this guide. 

You should check out the guide on the best place to build your C.A.M.P for some more help on this. It will cover some good locations to place your camp that can offer fast travel benefits along with some other perks based on how far you have progressed through the game. 

Travel To Team Members C.A.M.Ps

When you join a team, the C.A.M.Ps belonging to other players will turn orange on the map. You will be able to fast travel to any of these locations for free, just like you can with your own. When you are doing some heavy questing, joining a team of three others will give you at least 3 and potentially 6 new free fast travel points if these players are using survival tents. 

Travel To Events

Events are a big part of the Fallout 76 experience. They will appear on the map as a large yellow hexagon. When an event is just starting or pending players, it will show up slightly larger and have a black exclamation mark ! inside of it. When an event is in this state, you can fast travel to it for free. When you find yourself needing to traverse the map, an event that is starting can work as a useful shortcut. 

Use The Travel Agent Perk Card

The travel agent perk card shows up under the Charisma S.P.E.C.I.A.L. When applied, it will cut fast travel costs by 30%, no strings attached. You will simply pay 30% less every time you need to travel to a new point on the map. You can easily swap it in when you need to do some travelling and then swap it out to some team beneficial cards when you are doing an event.

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