Black Titanium Farming Guide

black titanium farming fallout 76

Black Titanium is a high end crafting material that is not something people often need until much later in the game. It is used for some special weapons for high-level power armor. The item only drops from a very small number of items and for most people, it is likely going to be obtained as ore rather than obtained from scrapping junk.

Although this is a rare resource, it can be obtained quite easily from a ore vein which can be found in the ground at Gorge junkyard workshop.

Where To Find Black Titanium in Fallout 76

The best place to obtain black titanium is from the ore veins. You can use this fantastic map to highlight all of the locations which it can be found

black titanium map locations
Using an extractor on any of the deposits shown on the map will be an easy way to grind this resource extraction with very little effort. Simply come back every few hours for a steady supply

Workshops and Ore Veins

Building a mineral extractor on top of a vein of ore is a perfectly simple and efficient method to obtain large amounts of black titanium without having to grind enemies. The best workshop for this is to go to the Gorge junkyard and capture it. You can use the map below to see where all of the ore veins are in this game. 

Blackwater Mine

Blackwater mine is another good location to go if you fancy grinding some XP while you build up your stocks of this coveted resource. Simply kill the miners here and they will drop this when you kill them.

collecting black titanium from miners
Killing the miners at the blackwater mine is a useful method to use for grinding some back titanium

For more help on this, you can check out the video guide which will show you the approach to take when farming the blackwater mine. 

Items That Contain Black Titanium

Unfortunately, there are not many items in this game that can be scrapped to produce this resource for crafting. You will need to know what you are looking for if you want to obtain it. 

  • Black titanium ingot
  • Black titanium scrap
  • High Int rock
  • Miner suit scrap
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