Into the Fire Quest Guide

into the fire

You will pick up a quest at a fire station called into the fire. This quest will involve you having to take on a series of tests in order to test whether you are fit for the job. The quest is fairly easy but some of the questions in the first part of the test may be tricky.

This quest guide will show you how to complete this quest.

Fire Breathers Exam Question Answers

This is likely why you are here. First few questions are simple and then it gets harder. The training material can be found in the fire station and it is an optional objective. It’s much easier to just view the answers here of course. Here are the answers to the first part of the fire breathers exam.

  • Question 1: “Evacuate as quickly as possible.”
  • Question 2: “A water-soaked rag.”
  • Question 3:  “Gently bind the burn with clean bandages.”
  • Question 4:  “Retreat immediately.”
  • Question 5: “1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower.”
  • Question 6: “Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms.”
  • Question 7: “End his life as mercifully as possible.”

If you need any additional help with this part of the quest. Check out the video below.

Into The Fire Physical Exam

The second part of the exam will require you to travel to an area that has a lot of super mutants. The exam simply requires you to run from point A to point B. The challenge is not getting murdered by the mutants in the process. Make sure you have eaten and drank water to ensure yout AP bar is full.

Once you interact with the terminal, run as fast as you can, following the arrows on the walls and signposts. There is more than enough time to achieve this, even if you make a mistake. Make it back to the start point to complete this stage of the task.

Final Challenge – Scorched Mines

This one is a bit tricky since there are a lot of scorched in these mines. You will be given a powerful pistol and plenty of ammo so it isn’t too bad, but you will find yourself consuming a lot of stimpacks and supplies down here.

The goal is to make it to the end of the mine and activate a becon before returning back to the surface. You will be given a fire breather mask at the start of the quest which you will need to equip if you want to avoid taking damage from all of the gas.

The key to this part of the quest is taking it slowly. You will need to come all the way back out so it is best to take your time and avoid taking too much damage. If you kill everyone on the way down, the run back up will be simple.

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