How To Correctly Guess Door In Dares of Eternity

Dares of Eternity is a popular 6-player game mode introduced as part of the 30th Anniversary pack in Destiny 2. If you have spent any amount of time playing it, you will have found yourself wondering what the mystery is around having to choose the correct door in the second round of the game.

You will find yourself standing in front of three large doors with three icons on the floor for each of the races in the game. You will hear the announcer ask you to pick the correct door and it is hard to know what the correct guess is.

chosing correct door in dares of eternity
At the end of the second room, you will reach these large doors and need to decide the correct door to proceed.

The secret to finding out the correct circle to stand on lies outside of the game. From the main destination map, you can find the secret quite easily.

What Determines The Door In Dares?

The final round of dares is going to be one of three main bosses. Each door is one of those bosses. You need to guess which is going to be the final boss. So how do you know which one it is? The secret is in plain sight on the main menu. The modifiers for the game mode actually tell you who the final boss is going to be!

picking correct door in dares
If you hover over the icon that has the 30th-anniversary icon, you will see that it tells you what enemy is going to roll in the first two rounds and more importantly, who you will be up against in the final round.

Races Of Each Boss In Dares Of Eternity

Even if you have completed dares of eternity several times in the past, most of us are not going to know from the name of the boss, what race it is. The list below will tell you the race of each of the three bosses that could come up in Dares of Eternity.

  • Crota – Hive
  • Zydron – Vex
  • Valus Ta’aurc – Cabal

Here is a video guide that will help you out a little more if any of this is unclear.

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