Find The House Hidden By Jotnar Magic

house hidden by jotnar magic

The going deeper quest will have you visit the fantasy side of Norse Mythology for a second time. This time you are out to investigate the source of the attacks on Asgard and find out more about the magic that was used to build the barrier. The first quest here will be called “Mistress of the Iron Wood”. You will likely be stumped when asked to find the house hidden by Jotnar magic.

Finding the tree is quite easy and you will get some clues when you are in the right location. The game will give you several hints to let you know that you need to look at the tree from the right angle. How do you do this though? The game doesn’t give a great introduction to this, so here is what you need to do.

Finding The Hidden House & Jotnar Magic Clues

In order to find the hidden house, you will need to stand in the right location. When you are running around, keep an eye out for orange/yellow colored orbs floating around the air. This is a sign that you are near the location that you should stand.

The second sign is to look out for the deer skull stuck to a wooden post. You can see this skull in the image below. If you stand in the location from this image, the hidden house will appear and you can climb the tree and go inside the house.

house hidden by jotnar magic
To locate the house hidden by Jotnar magic, you will need to look for the signs of an illusion. The posts with skulls are the giveaway. Look at the tree from the right angle and the house will appear.
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