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Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's creed Valhalla is the first game in the franchise to be based on Norse mythology. Take on the role of a Viking as you make your way across England. Pillaging and killing along the way.


How do you illuminate the path into Alfheimr? A blind man is asking me to help

How do you break the wall underneath the waterfall at ravensthorpe?

I have killed the leader and I now have to leave with Bjorn but he isn't moving

Where can you find nightshade, what graveyards can it be found growing in?

Where is the book of knowledge at Ely monastery? It seems to be below the courtyard but I can't find it.

I am stuck at the well of urd in Asgard. How do you exit the cave after completing the task here.

The blind guy looking for Alfheim keeps following me but there is no quest objective. Is this a glitch?

How do you gain access to the final chest in Saint Albanes Abby? It is blocked behind a barricade.

When I view the map in assassin's creed Valhalla I get an online service error 0xb0000000

Who is the guilty person in the stealth of Treachery quest at grantebridge