Where Is King Burgreds Hideout in Tilting The Balance

King burgreds hideout

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will find a quest as past of the main story called “Tilting the balance”. This quest will have no quest marker telling you where to go, instead you must follow some clues to locate a crypt where the king is hiding out. If you are stuck this guide will show you where to find it.

The main clue is the river names, the crypt can be found where the Awry and the Alne rivers meet. If you look around the map, you will find the rivers. If not, the map below will show you where it is.

Crypt location Tilting the balance
The map marker below is the crypt entrance. You can see both rivers south of this location. This is the clue. Once you arrive at this crypt, a quest marker will be added

The Old crypt south of Ledecestrescire

The crypt you find in the map location above is locked and you will be unable to get inside. This is actually the shortcut you use to exit the crypt once you have located king burgred.

Once you find this crypt, a quest marker will appear and if you walk over the hill to it, you will find a threaded camp with several crypt entrances. Any of these will lead you to the quest objective.

Old crypt south of Ledecestrescire
The old crypt is visible from the joining of the two rivers. As you walk up to it the quest will update and the rest of it from here is quite easy to follow
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