How to Solve the Light Puzzle at the Well of Urd

well of urd solution

When you drink the magic potion and make your way to Asgard you will be in for quite the experience. The land is quite magical and filled with some unusual quests. One of these quests will have you travel to a place called the Well of Urd in order to gather some water, simple right!

When you arrive at the well, you will be unable to access it due to a fancy lock in place. You will need to make use of beams of light in order to activate the lock that is preventing you from gaining access to the water below. Check out the images below for the solution.

Solving Well of Urd Light Puzzle

This puzzle isn’t too hard to solve once you figure out how to reflect light. The entrance that you came through to access the room will have a device hanging over it. Shine the light at this in order to split the beam. This will allow you to bring light to the other reflecting panels around the room.

well of urd split light
You can see the light beam has beam from the device to the right of the character has been pointed at the device in the entrance and has caused the beam to split into 2, which will aim them at the two reflectors in the room

Once you have split the beams, you will need to guide the light to the two input devices near the entrance to the well. If you are standing at the entrance where the light is being split, solving the one to the left is quite easy. The tricky one is to the right.

You will need to climb down and move a block that contains the mirror in order to make it reflect at the input to unlock the seal around the well of urd.

gaining access to well of urd
For the light beam on the right, you will need to aim it at a reflector on the floor. This reflector is on a block that you can move. You will need to move this block so that when light hits it, it will reflect and hit the second input to unlock the seal to the well.
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