Where Is The Golden Cat At The Great Norse Hall?

golden cat

In order to create an unbreakable chain, you will be asked by the dwarven blacksmith to obtain a cats footfall. The riddle is a bit confusing but it will ask you to find a golden cat above the gate to the grand hall.

You can spend a long time looking for this and never find it…because it doesn’t actually exist, this riddle is a bit cheeky! To find it, you will need to use your raven to give you a view of the area. The location of the golden cat will be marked on the map in green.

Over the gate to the Great Norse Hall,
A golden cat sits patiently,
Gazing upon many tall towers,
She’ll flee when she is found,
But follow without fear,
Look, leap, and descend,
Once she leads you to the end,
She may ghost to the ground,
Land as well, and swiftly steal her sound.

Golden Cat At The Great Norse Hall

When you get to the location on the map that the raven is pointing at, you may still have some difficulty finding the cat. Check out the image below to see what it looks like and where it is located.

golden cat location
The golden cat is quite small. You will see it performing a leaping action above the main entrance to Asgard, near the water fountain. Once you climb up and reach the cat, it will teleport, so keep an eye on where it goes. It will always appear in the direction it is leaping

Obtaining A Cat’s Footfall

Once you have found the golden cat, you have solved the most difficult part of the riddle. All you need to do now is follow it. The cat will always reappear in the same direction it is leaping. So in the image above, it will appear to the right once you get close to it.

Keep following the cat and once you get to the end, you will obtain a cat’s footfall.

cats footfall
You will need to perform some actions that make it hard to keep track of where the cat is. Make use of your raven to find where it is. At the end, you will leap off a ledge and obtain the cats footsteps.

Where Is The Great Norse Hall?

The Great Norse Hall isn’t really a hall at all. When you are at the water fountain at Asgard, just after coming off the rainbow bridge you will see stairs going up to the first large structure that makes up the building here. This is the great Norse hall entrance. This is where you will find the statue of the gold cat.

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