Ac Valhalla You Must Be Anonymous

You Must Be Anonymous

Assassins Creed Valhalla may not be the most stealth orientated game in the AC franchise but it is still a core component of the gameplay. There are certain circumstances where you must remain undiscovered or what the game refers to as “you must be anonymous”.

If you are one who cant resist wetting your axe with blood, then you may find you get in some trouble with the local law in a village or maybe the village is not yet on your side and you must sneak past the guards. When attempting to interact with a quest related NPC, you may find the game will not allow you to speak to them and tell you that you must be anonymous. How do you fix this?

How To Fix You Must Be Anonymous For Quests?

This is a problem caused by the fact that you have gained some wanted attention. There are more than likely some nearby guards who are searching for you. Either you were in combat before speaking to this person or you have been spotted in a hostile area and the guards nearby are currently looking for you. Fixing this problem is pretty easy. There are few things you can do to make it go away and be able to interact with whatever is causing this error to appear.

you must be anonymous bug

Hide In Tall Grass or Anywhere To Become Anonymous

Find some hall grass, a cubby or some sort of location that will keep you out of sight of the guards that are hunting for you. After a minute or so, the guards will stop looking for you and you will be undetected again and should be able to interact with the quest related thing again.

Kill Whoever Is Looking For You

Sometimes you may only have one rogue guard who has spotted you and is looking for you. If you can take this enemy out silently and without anyone else noticing, you should be able to return to an undetected state and be able to speak with the person who requires you to be anonymous before speaking to them

Leave The Area & Return

When you put enough distance between you and the person that is hunting for you, you will find that they just stop looking for you automatically. This is likely a game limitation in that the enemy no longer exists in the game as you have travelled too far. This works in a similar way that killing them does. Once you are anonymous again, you can return and try to be more silent this time when approaching the person that you need to speak with.

Reload Your Last Checkpoint

Reloading your last checkpoint should return the game to a state where you were undetected. Sometimes enemies can glitch out and it becomes impossible to actually become anonymous. The enemy may be stuck in the ground or be in a room where you cant get to them. Reloading your last save will reset this bug and you should be back at an anonymous state instantly. This will let you try again and avoid detection in the process.

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