Breath of The Wild Elixir Recipes

    Elixir recipes are created by putting ingredients into a pot to produce some potion like item that will boost Links stats. Every elixir will be made up of 2 key components. Critters and monster parts. For example, a frog and a lizard horn. You can find many critters around the game. Snails, frogs, lizards and even a fly. A good way to define a critter is something that is alive and is not a mammal. You collect an entire critter, where as a mammal will produce meat when collected.

    Monster parts are obtained from killing monsters. Every enemy will drop a couple of items that it is made up of like a horn, tail, wing etc. Only organic monsters drop monster parts. Ancient machines for example, drop machine parts and not monster parts.

    The following list will explain how to make some common elixirs. If anything is missing let me know. Please note that the duration can be modified by adding a duration increasing ingredient. You can read more about that in the guide section for Understanding the duration bonus of recipes.

    Elixir Name Effect Recipe Ingredients
    Electro Elixir Granting Electricity Resistance duration For 5:40 Thunderwing Butterfly
    Yellow Lizalfos Tail
    Sneaky Elixir Increases Stealth Keese Eyeball
    Sunset Firefly
    Energizing Elixir Restores Full Stamina Wheel Bokoblin Horn
    Restless Cricket
    Hasty Elixir Granting haste movement speed effect duration 2:10 Hightail Lizard
    monsters’ parts
    Spicy Elixir Granting Cold Resistance duration For Keese Eyeball
    Sunset Firefly
    Mighty Elixir Inreasces Attack Damage Bladed Rhino Beetle
    Moblin Horn
    Chilly Elixir Granting Heat Resistance duration For 5:40 Cold Darner
    Red Lizalfos Tail