Hebra Tower Guide

Hebra Tower

Hebra tower is one of the few Sheikah Towers in Breath of the Wild that is troublesome to climb until you have found the right equipment. This tower is surrounded by large ice blocks. On top of this, it is in a cold region of the game. Make sure you have some warm clothes or consumables to keep the cold away.

Hebra tower ice
Large blocks of ice are blocking you from being able to climb the tower.

The large ice blocks at the bottom of Hebra tower can be melted using fire. This should give you enough wiggle room to get past and climb up the tower. Once you start climbing, there won’t be anything that gets in the way. Just be sure you aren’t taking damage from the cold as it will kill you before you get to the top if you are unprepared. The map below will show you the location of this tower on the world map.

Where to find Hebra Sheikah Tower
Where to find Hebra Sheikah Tower

If you are having some trouble climbing to the top of Hebra tower, this video guide will show you what you need to do to get up there easily.

If you do not have fire arrows, you could use any other source of fire in the game such as the want tool. This will allow you to get past the ice in the same way a bow and arrow does. You could also just use Revalis gale to jump over it.

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