Popla Foothills Skyview Tower Guide

When you first arrive at the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, you will find that the main terminal is not working correctly and it does not allow you to activate the tower. If you spend some time looking around the area for clues, you will find that there are some cries coming from the water well nearby. Head over here to investigate.

Jump down into the well and you will find there is a wall that has some breakable boulders. If you do not have a weapon to destroy boulders, combine any of the nearby boulders with any weapon using the fuse tool and you can use this to swing and smash the boulders.

You will get inside and find there is a guy locked inside a cell who needs your help to get out. This is the guy sent to repair the tower’s broken terminal, so helping him is required to reactivate the tower.

Fixing The Broken Popla Foothills Terminal

You will see that there is a cave to the other side of the cell that this guy is stuck in, but how to get over there? There is no ladder to climb back out of this cave so you will find yourself stuck. The handy thing to remember for these is the ascend ability allows you to get out of caves quite easily. So use the ascend ability here to get back to the surface.

You will need to head in the direction that you saw the cave extending to from the other side of the cell the guy was stuck in. The video guide above will show you exactly where to go but it is quite easy to find. You will also spot a Blupee hanging around near the wooden ruins in front of the entrance of the cave.

Head inside the cave and free the guy who is trapped. He will give you a purple rupee and head back up to fix the terminal. You can use the ascend ability again to get back up quickly. The tower can now be activated!

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