A Supply Pod Has Fallen Somewhere

A Supply Pod Has Fallen Somewhere

When you are out exploring an island in Craftopia, you will occasionally spot the following message on screen “A Supply pod has fallen somewhere”. Seems like a fairly interesting message to receive but what is it all about? What does it mean?

Supply pods have no real back story to them at the moment. We can assume that since the entire world was destroyed, these supply pods were floating around the planet prior to its destruction and they are beginning to fall back to earth now.

How To Find Fallen Supply Pod

The islands in Craftopia are relatively small compared to similar exploration games. When the message appears on screen, it means that a pod has fallen on this island that you are on right now. So you can begin the hunt. Here are some things to look out for.

A Supply Pod Has Fallen Somewhere

You can normally spot the supply pods from quite far away. Even though trees and stuff do not render that far away, the fire and smoke from a supply pod can be seen from very far away. This helps you notice them far easier because no other assets in the region will be rendered.

What Do Supply Pods Contain?

Supply pods are not much use early in the game. They contain some end tier metals and items that you will eventually end up needing later in the game. These are all valuable items and are worth keeping, or even selling if you need the gold.

The supply pods can contain aluminium, different alloys and even some constructed items like large batteries. One common and rather unusual item that you will find in these pods is cooked shrimp. Aliens maybe? There is definitely going to be something interesting that comes from space in the future of this game.

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