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Can rockets fly with large items like a large rover?
[Astroneer] - Are you able to attach items like a large rover to a rocket in order to bring it to another planet? View Answer
How do you find the place you last landed on a planet?
[Astroneer] - When returning to a planet, how do you know the last location you landed where you setup a base? View Answer

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A Supply Pod Has Fallen Somewhere

A Supply Pod Has Fallen Somewhere

When you are out exploring an island in Craftopia, you will occasionally spot the following message on screen "A Supply pod has fallen somewhere". Seems…
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Destiny 2 Box Art

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the highly successful follow-up to Destiny, created by Bungie. Join up with friends to take on hordes of enemies across various planets in this AAA coop first-person shooter.
Astroneer Box Art


Astroneer is a space exploration game where players take control of an astronaut and must harvest the resources of the planet in order to expand and build up a settlement. Players can construct rockets which can be used to explore other planets in the solar system. Astroneer supports online multiplayer with up to 3 other players. A group of 4 astronauts can work together to explore the galaxy and uncover…
Returnal Box Art


After crash-landing on this shape-shifting world, Selene must search through the barren landscape of an ancient civilization for her escape. Isolated and alone, she finds herself fighting tooth and nail for survival. Again and again, she’s defeated – forced to restart her journey every time she dies.
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Box Art

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank are back! Help them stop a robotic emperor intent on conquering cross-dimensional worlds, with their own universe next in the firing line. Witness the evolution of the dream team as they’re joined by Rivet – a Lombax resistance fighter from another dimension.
No Mans Sky Box Art

No Man's Sky

Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action. In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary…
Mass Effect Box Art

Mass Effect

What starts as a routine mission to an agrarian outpost quickly becomes the opening salvo in an epic war. As the newly appointed Executive Officer of the SSV Normandy, you'll assemble and lead an elite squad of heroes into battle after heart-pounding battle. Each decision you make will impact not only your fate, but the destiny of the entire galaxy in the Mass Effect trilogy. Key Features: Incredible, interactive storytelling.…
Planet Crafter Box Art

Planet Crafter

You are sent to a hostile planet with one mission: Make it habitable for Humans. You'll have to survive, collect resources, build your base and machines in order to heat the planet, create an atmosphere with oxygen and eventually geo-engineer an entire planet.
Starfield Box Art


In Starfield, you are thrust into the vast expanse of the cosmos. The game teases a narrative that revolves around "the beginning of humanity's final journey," a quest that will take you from the familiar to the unknown​. You will explore rocky planetoids, interact with strange aliens, and even engage in combat with Crimson Fleet pirates in research stations​. Starfield boasts a wealth of customization options that allow you to…


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Starfield: Space Travel Yes, Long-range Calls No?

When the announcement for Starfield hit the airwaves, like many other passionate fans of the space-faring genre, it felt as if my dreams of virtual exploration were about to be realized. My imaginary spaceship was poised, engines revving, ready to...
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Video Games That Take Place In Space

Welcome to our curated list of Video Games That Take Place in Space! The vastness of space has always captivated our imaginations, and video games have provided a platform to explore its wonders, mysteries, and dangers. From epic space operas...
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Games Like No Man's Sky: Embark on Epic Space Exploration

No Man's Sky has captured the imaginations of gamers worldwide with its breathtakingly vast universe, seamless exploration, and limitless possibilities. If you've traversed the cosmos in search of new worlds and yearned for more interstellar adventures, you're in for a...
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Starfield: The Space Adventure We've Been Waiting For

As an avid gamer and a sci-fi enthusiast, I've been eagerly following the development of Bethesda's upcoming space epic, Starfield. The anticipation has been building ever since the game was first announced back in 2018, and I've been keeping a...
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In Starfield, you are thrust into the vast expanse of the cosmos. The game teases a narrative that revolves around "the beginning of humanity's final journey," a quest that will take you from the familiar to the unknown​. You will...
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Charting New Galaxies: Games that Echo the Spirit of Mass Effect

Hello fellow space explorers and RPG lovers! There are few franchises in the realm of video games that have been as impactful and memorable as Mass Effect. With its intricate narrative arcs, complex character relationships, and the vast, explorable universe...
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Planet Crafter Review

Score: 8.5/10
Over the past few years, we have seen several space survival games. With big hitters like No Mans Sky and Astroneer, you might wonder where a game like Planet Crafter fits into the mix. Is it another clone of successful...
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Moon Name Generator

Whether you're an aspiring writer, an astronomer, or simply someone who loves to explore the cosmos, a moon name generator can be an invaluable tool. With a variety of generators available, you can create unique and intriguing names for moons...
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Sci-Fi Name Generator

In the realm of science fiction, a captivating and memorable name can make all the difference in engaging your audience and immersing them in your futuristic world. Whether you're a writer, game designer, or roleplayer, finding the right name ideas...
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Space Fortress Name Generator

Welcome to the ultimate space fortress name generator! If you're looking for a cosmic settlement that's out of this world, you've come to the right place. Whether you're a brave space captain or a daring alien invader, this generator will...