The Invincible Review

The Invincible

The Invincible is a game that delivers a unique blend of retrofuturistic aesthetics and deep narrative exploration. This game sets itself apart by presenting a vision of the future as imagined in the 1960s, wrapped in a thrilling space adventure. It takes players on a journey through a desert planet, unravelling the mysteries of previous human explorations.

The game’s strongest asset is its art style. It vividly paints a vision of the future that feels both nostalgic and innovative. The artists have skillfully captured the essence of 1960s science fiction, blending it with modern visual techniques to create something truly distinctive. The environment of the desert planet is not just a backdrop but a character in itself, filled with secrets and stories that keep players engaged.

the invincible
The main deck of a rocket ship feels like something from doctor who in the 60s.

The story of The Invincible is its driving force. It’s a carefully woven tapestry of intrigue and suspense, leading players on a journey that is as much about self-discovery as it is about exploring the unknown. The game excels in its narrative structure, incorporating moral decisions that significantly impact the game’s outcome. This feature ensures that each playthrough can offer a different experience, adding to the game’s replay value.

One of the most fulfilling aspects is the process of discovering the planet’s hidden secrets. This sense of discovery is a testament to the game’s well-crafted world-building and storytelling. The clues and artifacts found throughout the game are pieces of a larger puzzle that players piece together to uncover the planet’s history and the fate of the crew of the ship that came before.

A unique array of tools which really hammer home the 60s vibe

The game’s visual quality is noteworthy. From the character designs to the environmental textures, everything is rendered with attention to detail. The lighting and shadow play create an atmosphere that is both eerie and captivating, perfectly complementing the game’s tone.

A significant drawback of The Invincible is the character’s movement speed. You will often find yourself traversing vast stretches of the planet at a frustratingly slow pace. This issue can detract from the game’s otherwise immersive experience, breaking the player’s engagement with the story. As with many walking-style games, the speed is capped to increase the time spent playing and to allow you take it all in but it does feel painfully slow, even when sprinting.

Another area that needs improvement is the game’s journal system. While it’s meant to aid players in their journey, it often becomes a source of confusion. The journal feels cluttered and disorganized, making it challenging to locate necessary information, especially during critical moments of gameplay. A more streamlined and intuitive interface would greatly enhance the player experience.

Overall, The Invincible is a commendable addition to the sci-fi adventure genre. Its unique retrofuturistic setting, combined with a compelling narrative and stunning visuals, makes it a memorable experience. However, the game’s pacing and user interface could benefit from some refinement to fully realize its potential. For fans of science fiction and narrative-driven games, “The Invincible” is a journey worth embarking on, offering both challenges and delights in its vast, mysterious world.


The Invincible is a standout retrofuturistic space adventure that uniquely blends a 1960s vision of the future with a deep, engaging narrative. Set on a mysterious desert planet, the game captivates with its stunning art style and immersive story, allowing players to make moral decisions that shape the outcome. Its strongest points are the intriguing story and the fulfilling experience of uncovering the planet's secrets, complemented by impressive visual quality. However, the game is hampered by slow character movement and a cluttered journal interface, which can detract from the overall experience. Despite these drawbacks, The Invincible offers a memorable and distinct journey for fans of sci-fi and narrative-driven adventures.
  • Amazing art style that paints a vision of the future that looks like it was conceived in the 1960s.
  • The story brings you on a highly intriguing adventure.
  • Discovering the secrets the planet has to offer is highly fulfilling.
  • Strong visual quality.
  • You walk way too slowly.
  • The journal feels too cluttered and confusing at times when you need to figure out what to do.