Make Over 5000G Using Water

make over 5000g using water

As part of the Rookie Merchant mission in Craftopia, you will come across a quest that required you to “Make over 5000G using water”. By the time you obtain your first glass of water, you will begin to understand that this quest is going to be rather time-consuming.

This guide will show you some useful methods that you can use to quickly obtain a large amount of water using automated water farms. There are a few different ways to obtain water but the most efficient way would be to use camels to generate water.

Automate The Selling Of Water For Gold

There is nothing stopping you from going about this manually but since it is going to take some time to get 500 cups of water that you can sell at the marketplace to earn 5000G. Taking advantage of automation is the best approach to take.

Before we dig into the methods of actually creating the water, which can be easily automated, you might be wondering how to actually sell the water in the market automatically. This part isn’t super essential as you could allow 5 stacks of water to build up and transport them to the market manually. If you want to automate it, simply add an absorber to the marketplace and it will suck in the water and sell it for you.

absorber on marketplace
An absorber attached to a marketplace will suck in the water that is generated and automatically sell it

Sell Water Using Wells

Using wells is the most basic way to generate water. It requires a little more clutter and isn’t as elegant but it can be done quite early in the game. There is no major rush to complete this mission for rookie merchant, but if you need to get it done quick, you can use this guide to build an automated water farm using wells.

automated water well farm
The line of wells will produce water which is sent into a chest where the cooking pots will turn it into water. This strategy can be linked up to your marketplace to automatically sell the water that this farm produces

Sell Water Using Camels

Camels are a really simple source of freshwater. You can actually use these guys to generate a large amount of clean water fairly fast. The automation is a bit more complicated than the water well solution but it should use fewer resources and be far more efficient. Check out this guide for setting up an automated water farm using camels.

camel water farm
Camels will produce clean water when placed into a harvester. This makes them a far faster and easier source of clean water for crafting. Camel farms will require green monos, breeding machines and quite a few camels. Prep work is more involved but you will get a lot more water from this.
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