100% Automated Bioethanol Farm

Once you start getting yourself established in Craftopia, you will notice that lots of the cool things to craft such as machines that facilitate automation require you to have some bioethanol. Even if you already know how to create Bioethanol, getting large quantities of it easily is difficult. The resources needed for it require some work and the bioethanol itself takes some time to produce.

This tutorial will show you have to create a fully automated bioethanol farm. You will need absolutely no work at all to make this work. Once this is set up, you will have a single chest that has an infinite supply of bioethanol constantly building up in it.

Automating Your Supply Of Wheat Flour

This is the first part of the problem you must solve. I have already put together a detailed guide on setting up an automated wheat farm that I would suggest you check out before starting with this guide.

automated wheat farm
The basic wheat farm structure will give you an infinite supply of wheat flour which is the core ingredient in producing bioethanol.

If you are nifty enough with building and know what the various components are, you may be able to get the farm built based on the image below. I will also include the list of components needed to automate a supply of wheat flour.

Wheat flour is the core component of bioethanol. You will need two pieces of wheat to make flour and then 10 pieces of flour to make the barren of bioethanol. This means 20 pieces of wheat = 1 barrel. This makes it quite expensive so consider building a super large farm if you find yourself needing a lot of it.

Automate The Creation Of Bioethanol

Once you have your wheat farm setup, you should have a single chest that contains a steady supply of wheat flour that comes from your cooking pots. You can link multiple cooking pots to the wheat source to speed this process up.

infinite wheat flour
By connecting two cooking pots to the chest, you will be able to produce wheat flour a lot faster.

The creation of bioethanol is actually quite easy from here and easy to automate.

1 – Create The Aging Facility

This structure will be used to convert the wheat flour into barrels of bioethanol. Build one or more of these aging facility structures and connect them to your chest. Since creating one barrel takes some time, I would suggest creating at least two to keep a steady supply coming.

bioethanol farm
This basic structure will allow you to chain everything together nicely. Keep note of how the cooking pot is designed to chuck the crafted wheat flour out and the chest nearby is designed to suck it in.

2 – Connecting Bioethanol Farm To Final Chest

Since you now have two or more bioethanol sources constantly producing barrels, you just need to hook these up to chests.

As I mentioned in the main wheat flour farming guide, there seems to be an issue, or maybe not, where the craft connector is unable to take items from a structure and put them into a chest directly. You will have to use the dropper and absorber items to take the item from the structure and push it into the chest.

complete bioethanol farm automation
This is the final design that shows the fully linked layout of the bioethanol farm where all elements in the chain have been linked together to form a well-oiled automation machine

This should be fairly easy for you to build now as you would have already done the exact same thing to get the wheat flour from the cooking pots into the chest. So do the same again here to have a single chest at the end of this rather long and complicated bioethanol farm that will give you an infinite supply of barrels.

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