999 Round Magazine For Any Gun

999 round magazine

Have a kick-ass rifle but are fed up with there only being 5 bullets and always having to reload at the last second when a ghoul is up on top of you? What about having to reload the moment a legendary appears and it being dead by the time you get your gun ready to fire? Well, if you are sick of this, you have found the perfect glitch. This will allow you to give any weapon in the game a magazine size of 999 bullets. 

In order to perform this glitch, you must first have a weapon that has a large magazine in the first place. Any gatling gun or minigun is a good start as these tend to have large belt magazines with a huge number of bullets. You can use any weapon you like though. Using an assault rifle capacity with a sniper will save you a lot of effort with the constant reloading. Every little helps!

How To Perform The Larger Magazine Exploit

This exploit is not too difficult to do in terms of the steps required. You just need to be perfect with the timing at which you perform the actions. The actions are quite quick so if you fail, it isn’t much trouble to try again a few times in order to make it work for you. 

Step 1: Assign weapons to the quick swap shortcut

There is a quick swap button that most people should be familiar with. This is usually left on the D-pad. It will allow you to switch back and forth between the last weapon you used. For this glitch o work, you will need to equip the weapon with the large magazine and the weapon that you want to apply this magazine size to. 

If you want to get the magazine from a minigun and apply it to a shotgun, have the shotgun and minigun equipped so that using the quick swap will go between both of these weapons. 

Step 2: Fire a shot of the weapon you want to increase ammo on and swap at the same time

Ok, so this is the hard part to get the timing right with. I am going to use a shotgun and a minigun as an example here to make it easier to understand. I want the minigun clip size for my shotgun. 

  1. Equip the shotgun
  2. Shoot a shotgun round and at the exact same time the bullet fires, you need to swap to your minigun using the quick swap shortcut. 
  3. You want the shotgun to fire as you are putting it away. You know you have done it right when the gun is no longer on the screen but the bullet fires anyway. Depending on the gun, you will need to time this right to know the best timing to swap the button.
  4. Shoot the rest of the bullets in the shotgun magazine. When you empty the magazine, you will see that it auto refills to the amount of ammo of the minigun could fit in a magazine or the amount of ammo you have for the weapon if it is less than the clip size. 

Exploit Video Guide

Demon Asylum gets the credit for making me aware of this glitch. IF you are still having trouble making this work, check out the video below for a detailed guide on how to make the glitch work. 


  1. I got this to work with ballistic weapons but not any energy weapons. any advice?

  2. This doesn’t appear to work on XBOX ONE X. Tried repeatedly with multiple gun combinations, no good. Anyone have any advice?

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