Xbox Series X Exclusive Games Released In 2022

Introduction: As we take a thrilling ride down the memory lane to 2022, let’s pay homage to the array of Xbox Series X exclusives that made that year unforgettable in the world of gaming. From budding indie gems to the anticipated releases from the gaming industry’s giants, the Xbox Series X was home to a multitude of games that captivated audiences, redefined genres, and pushed the boundaries of interactive storytelling. This list will serve as your guide through that fascinating journey, offering a glimpse into the diverse and vibrant ecosystem of Xbox Series X exclusives.

These games, only available on Xbox Series X, demonstrated the platform’s ability to deliver exceptional graphical fidelity and performance, significantly enhancing the gaming experience. We saw the birth of new franchises, the continuation of old favorites, and some remarkable standalone titles, all harnessing the raw power of Microsoft’s flagship console. Their unique narratives, striking aesthetics, and innovative gameplay mechanics made 2022 a year to remember for every Xbox Series X owner.

Remember, this list is more than just a collection of names. It’s a testament to the creativity, innovation, and passion of game developers who continually push the envelope to provide immersive experiences. It’s also a tribute to the Xbox community, whose enthusiasm and love for gaming have shaped the direction of these exclusive titles. So, sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the mesmerizing world of Xbox Series X exclusives from the phenomenal year that was 2022.

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Destiny 2: Legacy Collection cover art
January 18th, 2022

Create your Guardian and embark on a cinematic story in an evolving universe filled with a variety of co-op missions and PvP modes.

CrossfireX cover art
February 10th, 2022

CrossfireX delivers an intense first-person shooter experience where players are immersed in a sprawling global conflict between the world’s two most formidable private military factions: Global Risk employs veterans of powerful armed forces who use advanced technologies to fight for order and security; Black List employs hardened mercenaries trained in guerilla tactics who fight to destabilize oppressive regimes in the name of freedom. Choose your side and complete objective-based missions across a variety of classic and innovative modes featuring tightly crafted gameplay and cinematic visuals.

Martha Is Dead: Digital Deluxe cover art
February 24th, 2022

Martha Is Dead is a dark first-person psychological thriller, set in 1944 Italy, that blurs the lines between reality, superstition and the tragedy of war.

Hundred Bullets cover art
March 8th, 2022

Bunny Bundle 2 cover art
March 16th, 2022

Bunny Bundle 2 is bundle of games with cute grey Bunnies to challenge your mental skills and friendship.

Outbreak: Palladium Collection cover art
April 6th, 2022

Experience seven retro survival horror nightmares in the Outbreak Palladium Collection.

Outbreak: Gold Collection cover art
April 6th, 2022

Experience Lydia's undead journey in the Outbreak Gold Collection.

Limb Hunter cover art
April 13th, 2022

Shoot. Loot. Attach. Repeat. At your leisure you can save the dying world or become the ruler for the final decades of corruption. But who cares about the future, when you can attach that big gun to your spine. Become a Legend of DC-128b. At least for a while.

Outbreak Diamond Collection cover art
May 4th, 2022

Experience six terrifying survival horror adventures in the Outbreak Diamond Collection.

Space Science Investigations cover art
September 1st, 2022

Welcome to the International Space Station! It’s your job to make sure the resupply H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) is successfully berthed to the International Space Station. But before you can do that you must prepare the ISS for the HTV’s arrival. Moving in zero-g will be different than what you are used to on Earth. Spend some time flying, flipping, and spinning around the station without gravity to assist you. But be careful, you might get sick! While completing tasks and floating around the International Space Station you will learn about and experience the effects of microgravity on the human body. The app contains information on the effects of microgravity on the human body for use in the classroom and at home.

Castle Walker cover art
September 9th, 2022

Castle Walker is a retro-style classical action platformer, where you play as a young mage who must fight with hordes of monsters and defeat the ancient evil. Fight bosses, gain new abilities and defeat ancient evil.

Rabio cover art
September 30th, 2022

Rabio is a 2D short retro-styled hardcore platformer with skill-based gameplay. Little Rabio discovers the depths of the rabbit hole, full of dangers and trials. Help him pass all the trials!

Caterpillar cover art
November 4th, 2022

In the world of shadows, guide the caterpillar through forests and fields, dungeons and mountains, where enemies and obstacles await you. Eat flowers, defeat enemies, and clear your path to keep going.

Mechapunk cover art
November 9th, 2022

Mechapunk is 2D Action Adventure Platformer Game, Our main character embarks on an adventure, but what room! Robots have taken over the world! Embark on a grand adventure in this mechanized world! But fear not, our character is a professional at this!

Robolifter cover art
November 25th, 2022

Robolifter is a sci-fi sokibanish puzzle game where you level by level repair the spaceship. You are the last working Lifter bot and the last hope of your companion - Repair AI. Help her to fix the damage and investigate what caused the critical shutdown.

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